Water's Edge - Structured Water System

What is Structured Water?

Structured water occurs when purity becomes its main attribute-both for function and consumption; no other substance, color or smell overpowers water’s true qualities. Like many things in the world, the shape and structure of a molecule is an important determinant of its function. Water’s Edge Structured water gives proper structure to optimize function. We can all tell the difference between bad water and good water. The Water’s Edge Structured Water Unit gives you good water, and good water makes for a good life.

The only technology that can reverse this process is sending water through a vortex and implosion cycle - return it back to the way that nature intended.  That's what the Water's Edge Structured Water Unit does to produce structured water for you and your entire household. Take a look at the difference between Structured Water vs. Unstructured Water:

Structured Water vs. Non-Structured Water

In natural conditions water flows over and under the earth, carving out it's own way.  For the purpose of our water supply system, water is collected at its source and forced into a system of pipes. This is where the water is impaired the first time. The high pressure, and motion of traveling in a straight line is detrimental to water. Then, the impaired water is consumed, mixed with chemicals and waste and sent back down the drain. The current arrangement we're getting tap and bottled water from causes it to be polluted and unfit. Typically, after consumption, this water is then recycled back through the water plants 'cleaned up' and sent right back to your home. We don't know about you...but we at Water's Edge Systems feel like the term 'cleaned up' isn't a fit description for the state of our public water systems, that's why we whole heartedly recommend making the change to Water's Edge Structured Water. If this site doesn't answer all of your questions, please contact us and ask more, or you can follow the many links provided on the top of this page for more information on Water's Edge Structured Water Units and the many Filter Systems that we provide.

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